One big goal

Managed Print Services, realized.

I help companies attain the savings promised when they sign a Managed Print contract. I have the experience to reduce their fleet footprint and output thereby saving money and improving sustainability.

That’s my elevator speech. My nano-second version of it is: I love print. Most IT professionals think it is boring and tedious, and it is, if you don’t love it. So why do I love it?
One: It touches every aspect of the business: the bricks & mortar, the business processes, the corporate policies and politics, and the bottom line.
Two: It varies by global region, but not too much. You can build a global framework around it, but allow for local variation.
Three: It’s all about the metrics. It is easy to measure improvement and identify places that still need work. It’s easy to quantify savings.

How does this relate to my one big goal? I want to work for a company where I can contribute directly to the bottom line using my expertise and my passion for print. Clear, measurable, and achievable. Altogether a good goal.

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