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Digital ‘junk drawers’

During my search for a definition of digital literacy, I had to review a lot of websites, save the links, and get back to them as needed. This a common challenge in this era of knowledge exponential expansion. On the last post, I referred to the challenge searching effectively, and I posted some tips here. If you are a successful searcher, you will need to organize the information so you can get back to it quickly and easily. As I collected my links for digital literacy, I wrestled with how to bookmark them, because my usual practice of just throwing a bookmark up wasn’t going to do the job.

This was my way of saving bookmarks.

If I was looking for something readily visible (like the orange screwdriver in the junk drawer), it was easy to review my bookmarks (junk drawer) and find the one I need. 11-reuse-keys

But what if all my bookmarks look ‘roughly’ the same?

Now that I am collecting lots of links to relevant sites, I need a way to collect and find the link(s) again. This launched me into the world of saving and organizing bookmarks.


Now my bookmarks look like this!

I have posted the how-to specifics on my Alt-Enter blog, but my experience has shown me the importance of being able to organize our digital ‘junk drawers’.  Not everyone is undertaking large research project, but people are planning big trips, getting information medical procedures, searching for housing. All of these life situations require extensive research on the Internet, and once the work is completed, the searcher does not want to have to replicate it. Clearly, digital literacy includes digital organization!


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