I don’t know if you landed here on purpose or by accident, but I am happy you are here. You have arrived at the landing page for Jessica Jolly. If you are interested in me, this is where to get more information. If you are not, no offense taken, and happy surfing.

I have created this Landing Page to give a quick overview of digital literacy project, which I am working on under the auspices of the Evanston Public Library.

The best way to reach me is through Linked In.

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As an aside:


I always get questioned–why this image? What is its significance to you? I love it. I took it in India, at a palace in Jaipur. I am passionate about India, its art, its music and its people. I love the symmetry and floral images intertwined. To me they represent order and beauty, two aspects of life that balance each other.